Nazareth Hospital opened its door for the care of patients with Covid related symptoms during the deadly second wave. There was a sudden increase in the number of patients in the OPD with COVID. Three wards and OPD were set up with oxygen facilities. Many patients were treated, cared for and they returned home in good health happily. Food supplements such as milk, roasted gram flour [sattu] and egg were provided to all the staff and patients at 10 am and Herbal tea to all at 4 pm. SCN (Sisters of Charity of Nazareth) volunteers supported the unit during this crisis for smooth functioning

In addition to caring for the patients, the hospital team reached out to the people in the community during COVID-19 and lockdown

For short-term sustainability

  • Distributed food items to 600 poor families
  • Instrumental in giving financial assistance of Rs. 5000.00 (five thousand) to 20 families.

For long-term sustainability

  • Distributed goats/pigs to 20 families worth Rs. 4000.00 (four thousand) each 
  • Gave Rs. 20000.00 to a family to start a small business.
  • Gave Rs. 5000.00 to buy a calf.
  • 396 PLHIV’s were given ART medicines.

Corona vaccination 450 were vaccinated with the help of CARE and Bakhtiarpur PHC

Health Education, Bakhtiarpur

Distribution of Provision, Mokama

COVID Patient Care, Nazareth Hospital, Mokama

COVID Patient Care, Nazareth Hospital, Mokama

Covid Relief Activities, Nazareth Heath Center, Sokho