Nazareth Academy

Mokama, Patna, Bihar

Stimulating minds and nurturing individuals for the service of the nation


Nazareth Academy Mokama was founded with the primary aim of imparting quality education to the children in and around Mokama. 

The school is a co-educational institute where girls and boys grow up together in a healthy atmosphere of equality and mutual respect. The school aims at the integral and personal formation of young boys and girls by giving them an education that is morally, physically and mentally sound. In keeping with the national aspirations, it helps the students mature, active and committed citizens of India.

Nazareth Academy strives to inculcate into its students the value of freedom and its judicious use of respect for law and order and the sense of duty so as to enable them to fulfil a noble role in life.



April 2012



Indian Certificate of Secondary Education



High School



Promotion of spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of children

Holistic and harmonious growth of children

Preparation of pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of the adult life

Nurture true identity as a potential individual

Enable the progress of a responsible global citizen

Impart relevant education using technological tools

We believe in


Person Centered Care, Comprehensive and Integrated Approach, Continuity of Care

The First Batch of Class X


Achievements in the field of Sports

Inculcating the value of care for mother earth – Planting trees

All-around development of students – Classical Dance