Experience the 5000 years old healing system of Indian medicine is known around the word, Sanjeevani, Revitalizer. A specialized Ayurveda(Kerala) method of oils and herbal extracts, allowed to run down on one’s forehead for 20 to 30 minutes. Effective in Migraine & headaches, Depression, Anidra (disturbed sleep), Sinusitis and general weakness cases, respond very well with this traditional treatment

Nazareth is a center for wellness, healing and a healthy living.

It is managed by Mokama Nazareth Hospital Society 

Set up in a beautiful place away from the city, in a lush green and a serene atmosphere with residential as well as outdoor treatment facilities

You will be delighted and enjoy the fresh air, pure water and a healing environment

You can enjoy, relax, rejuvenate, meditate and pray without any disturbances in this serene atmosphere.


General ward

Furnished room with four to six beds with convenient toilet facilities.

Private Room AC

A spacious room with one bed, additional bed for attendant with attached bathroom.

Relax-Holidays Programmme

One week programme for executives, professionals and tourists includes dieting, yoga, meditation, etc

The Best Experience Ever

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