Sokho, Jamui, BIHAR


The cry for the health care need of the people of the remote village, Sokho in the Jamui District of Bihar, reached the SCN sisters and they responded with great love and dedication.

Employing a public health approach to improve health and well-being in the most remote village of Sokho, Nazareth Hospital established Nazareth health centre. Women’s empowerment was the major thrust.




Target Group


Indigenous Santhals, Kherwars and Backward class



Basic Health Care for the local people,

Eradication of Malaria

Use of indigenous herbs for medicinal purposes

Improve Health awareness through school health programs

Services Provided


Treatment of malaria, anaemia & minor ailments

Training in Herbal Medicines

School Health Program

Health Awareness Training

We believe in


Person Centered Care, Comprehensive and Integrated Approach, Continuity of Care

Health Camp 2021-2022 - Number of beneficiaries 1850

School Health - Number of beneficiaries 350​

Training on Herbal Medicine

Covid Relief Activities - Number of beneficiary families 300​