They Came; They Experienced; They Got New Life!

Anant Lal Ram (65) and his wife, Pushpa Kumari Durga (58) from Jitwarpur, Nizamat in Samastipur are taking a two-week wellness treatment at Nazareth Hospital, Mokama.  Anant is a retired employee of the telephone department in Samastipur and Pushpa is a government school teacher.  When this couple walked into the Wellness Centre of the Hospital, Anant was suffering from severe complications of Parkinson’s disease – speech impediment and difficulty in walking, high blood pressure and diabetes added to his woes.  He walked with the support of a walking stick for the last three years.  He had difficulty in moving his left leg. Pushpa was suffering from asthma, gastritis, constipation and crams on both legs.

As they are getting ready to leave the Wellness Centre after 15-days of intensive treatment, special diet, yoga and rest, Anant is able to walk without the help of the stick.   His speech has improved and the diabetes and blood pressure are at normal level.  Pushpa is, also, relieved of all her illnesses and ready to go back to her normal life as a teacher.  The entire cost of their treatment is less than rupees thirty-one thousand. 

When I went to talk to Anant this morning he was reluctant to speak to me for he was feeling bad that his treatment is over and he had to leave this life-giving Centre!  He is very dependent on his wife.  He is afraid that she will resume her teaching job, leaving him alone at home.  In Bihar, the education department is considering to reopen the schools since the COVID-19 pandemic is slowing down. 

Their story is kind of filmy!!  The fathers of Anant and Pushpa were great friends.  They wanted to take their friendship into a relationship through one of their sons and daughters.   Pushpa was a Catholic and Anant a Hindu.  Though they both belonged to two religions nothing could come in their way of friendship or relationship.  After marriage Pushpa became a Hindu and they have two daughters and two sons.

Anant and Pushpa came to know about the Wellness Centre at Nazareth Hospital from Pushpa’s sister in Darbhanga.  Rev. Father Sushil Gabriel, the parish priest of Darbhanga had taken treatment at this Centre recently.  He was very happy with the treatment that he got at the Wellness Centre.  He is now “advertising” the treatment that this Centre gives for curing chronic diseases.  Pushpa and Anant came in consternation, spent time in expectation and returned home in jubilation!

Nazareth Hospital is restoring good health and bringing cheer into the lives of many such kind of patients through the Wellness Centre.  Pushpa commented on the dedication of the doctor and the staff of the Centre.  It is a great joy for the staff at the Wellness Centre to see their patients improve their health gradually.  The staff motivates the patients to keep up with the regular exercises, diet and yoga for continued good health.  The hospital directly does not advertise about the many available facilities here.  The good works of Nazareth Hospital, Mokama is spread through word of mouth.

July 2, 2021

Malini Manjoly, SCN

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