Statement of Nazareth Hospital, Mokama

Statement of Nazareth Hospital, Mokama

Nazareth Hospital Mokama is pleased to announce the following services provided in the departments of Emergency, inpatients, outpatients, laboratory, X-ray, ultrasound, physiotherapy, pharmacy, Dental and Wellness round the clock. 

The hospital has a limited staff – one registered MD, one DGO, two BSC Nurses (retired -1), four GNMs, one ANM, six Nurse Assistants, nine Paramedical staff and a few non-medical staff.
Here we highlight the hospital census from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021:

Outpatients – 18,515
Emergency Care – 639
Inpatients – 864
Laboratory Tests – 33,474
X-Rays – 698
Ultrasound – 2,412
Physiotherapy – 2,380
Dental Care – 72
Wellness – 250

From April 1, 2021, the hospital treated 1800 out-patients, 105 emergency care and 190 in-patients with COVID-19 symptoms. The hospital set up four wards and OPD with oxygen facility.   Twenty-one low oxygen saturated patients availed this facility while waiting to see the doctor. To increase the staff in the wards the hospital temporarily closed the Wellness Center and the Physiotherapy department. 

In order to respond to the given surge in the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic a number of non-medical SCN Sisters are rendering voluntary service along with the hospital staff. 

While caring for the patients round the clock some of the staff have also become covid-19 positive including the 18-month-old son of one of the staff. 

The hospital administration has made every effort to recruit trained efficient medical staff to respond to the present crisis of increasing emergencies of COVID -19 in and around Mokama villages.  Unfortunately, not only now but in the past two decades we have not succeeded in getting the required qualified medical personnel to work in our hospital. 

The hospital has the space to make room for more beds provided we get the needed medical and other paramedical staff. 

Dr. Shanti James, MD responded: Nazareth Hospital is doing its best to reach out to the suffering humanity.  Instead of boosting our morale the social media is hurting our sentiments with negative projections of the hospital and its staff.  We are spending all our time and energy to give the best service for the patients on a twenty-four-basis.   We will continue to care and reach out to the sick with our limited resources and personnel”.
One of the senior staff stated:

“Having cared with all my energy and enthusiasm for persons with COVID-19 symptoms and others, my heart aches and I am deeply hurt by seeing the social media’s unfair messages on Nazareth Hospital. I wish the social media reporters verified what is being done at Nazareth Hospital before writing or making their comments”.   
The administrator expressed:

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