A Healing Presence

Nazareth Hospital Mokama continues to be a healing Centre for the patients who come here. Today there are five admitted patients from Aunta village – 8 kilometer away – from the hospital. All are getting well. Anil, one of the patients said that his entire family was infected with COVID-19. He further stated that no one was willing to administer them an injection in the village. Therefore they approached Nazareth Hospital and the hospital admitted them. He and his wife, Meenu Devi are getting well in the hospital. Other members got well and are discharged from the hospital. He is very happy that he got timely treatment at Nazareth Hospital Mokama. Daily we hear such stories from the patients. Today there are fifteen patients getting well gradually with covid-19 symptoms. Each day two or three patients are discharged. Our doctor, para-medical staff and other support staff are doing a tremendous job. It is a 24×7 job.

We are posting a poem written by one of the persons who got well from the hospital about Sister Dr. Shanti who treated her.

You Are:

S- Shalom

H- Happy

A- Awesome

N- Noble

T- Tender

I- Inspiration for all!
Have you met a living, loving Angel of Mercy?

I have! Her name is Sister Dr. SHANTI!
You radiate peace as your name suggests,

Your eyes sparkle with compassion,

Your lips utter words of soothing soul,

Your hands vibrate with healing love.

May God of Healing, encircle you with LOVE!
There is life in your presence,

There is deep joy in your smile,

There is load of patience in your voice,

There is light of life in your treatment.

ANGEL OF MERCY incarnate in you!
All the sick and suffering find comfort,

Consolation and encouragement,

Every fiber of your being emanates,

Healing love that cares and cures!

O what a gift have in you Sr. Dr. SHANTI!!!
May God keep you in good health and fulfil all your dreams!!!

May you live long to serve God and His people!

Have A Wonderful day!

Written by Josephine Kisku

Sister Dr. Shanti seeing a patient in the OPD


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