Treatment for Patients with COVID-19 Symptoms

Good Morning and well wishes from Nazareth Hospital Mokama! As we struggle to care for the patients with COVID-19 Symptoms, all at Nazareth Hospital plead with our brothers and sisters to follow the COVID protocols in your homes, villages and small towns.

And if you get the symptoms COVID-19 and feel that you need hospitalization, please do not delay to come to Nazareth Hospital. Your timely treatment will save you and your family from immense pain.

The Hospital is operational and many wards are in use for such patients. If you have any trained qualified medical doctors and nurses, please ask them to apply for a job at Nazareth Hospital. We are in dire need of trained nurses and medical doctors to treat and care for the limited number of patients who seek medical treatment at Nazareth Hospital.

We are posting the testimony one of the attendants of a patient who is admitted in the hospital from May 13, 2021.

A Patient getting ready to go home after discharge

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